Die unbedingte Diskretion meiner Arbeit verbietet es, an dieser Stelle reale Fallstudien meiner Arbeit darzustellen. Einige typische Mandatskonstellationen in fiktiven Beispielen sollen Einblicke in meine Arbeitsweise gewähren.

The step towards chairing the divisional board of directors

Following a successful career in the company, a client is appointed as CEO of a strategically important division of the corporate group. Carefully established in the company, he is very familiar with many aspects of the business. In the days following his appointment, long-standing colleagues congratulate him. The chairman of the works council says how glad he is that an internal candidate made it, saying they all know and trust one another, he stands for fairness and integrity and the workforce has positive expectations of his appointment.


Operational work in the company, or focus on the professional proprietor role

Over almost 30 years, the founder of a company has advanced it to take a leading market position in his market segment in Germany and key European markets with innovative, technically cutting-edge products. A son and a daughter from his first marriage today have successful careers outside the company. He lives with his second wife. The couple have a son, who has successfully completed a technical degree, and a daughter, who is studying economics.


Act with a united front as a management team under high pressure from outside

The midsized, family-owned company decided on a growth strategy defined in close collaboration between the non-family executive board and the group of partners. A prerequisite for this strategy is more intensive sales activities in the growth regions and a focus on promising market segments. Following the realignment, the two existing top executives were joined by two new members. For the first time, the company had a director of sales/marketing and a director of operations, in addition to the CEO and CFO.