Management boards in change processes

The radical change to an organisation goes beyond the rational, technological process. Changes in the management structure or work processes, a reorganisation or merger are a break with the familiar and are a cause for concern among those involved.

My work focuses on providing direct support for the management level responsible for business in strategic change processes. Members of the management team, particularly exposed and called upon, are often personally affected by the consequences of the change: roles and positions are in question, new tasks and subject areas are required, their own management and leadership qualities are under scrutiny.

The dynamics of the relationships within the management team and between it and the rest of the organisation must stand the test, particularly in change processes.

My consulting services are based on the experience that the quality of the analysis of the dynamics in the management teams, and the extent to which the members of that team are personally affected, decisively influences management ability in change processes.

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Management boards in change processes

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Consulting example:

Act with a united front as a management team under high pressure from outside

The midsized, family-owned company decided on a growth strategy defined in close collaboration between the non-family executive board and the group of partners. A prerequisite for this strategy is more intensive sales activities in the growth regions and a focus on promising market segments. Following the realignment, the two existing top executives were joined by two new members. For the first time, the company had a director of sales/marketing and a director of operations, in addition to the CEO and CFO.