Personal coaching

My clients regard their role at a management level with responsibility for business – in business management, the executive board or as the responsible CEO – as one that is appealing in terms of content and a personal challenge. But intensive conflicts and increasingly political debates, strain and exhaustion are experiences my clients want to get to grips with in their work with me. They also want to find ways of dealing with being permanently visible in their exposed position.

The central management question comes up again and again, and in many forms: How do I, as a manager, achieve goals with the help of the many people it requires to achieve what one could never achieve alone?

What unites my clients and me is the belief in good management by personal example. The aspiration behind this is high, and must prove itself in day-to-day actions. How do I manage myself? How do I use my strengths and at the same time protect the company and myself from my weaknesses? How do I act as a woman in an executive board dominated by men? How do I manage my closest management team? How do I personally act, particularly in times of radical change, in the social partnership, with employee representatives and trade unions? How do I win the trust and support of key stakeholders? Clients pose these and similar questions in our work together.

A key element of my approach lies in increasing the awareness of the initially unseen, seemingly irrational and subconscious influencing factors in the process. I help managers to build on their management and leadership skills taking responsible account of these influencing factors. My clients tell me that this greater competence has a positive effect on management work, particularly in change processes.

Personal Coaching

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